In 1993, Pastor Milton Sarara of Eldoret, Kenya established Agape Project International as a non-profit corporation. Its purpose is the Christ-centered holistic development of the people of Kenya through the presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and their social, physical, mental, educational and economic development.

In 2000, Terri Kruger, wife of Darby Kruger, met Pastor Milton at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association World Evangelism Conference in Amsterdam. That chance meeting grew into a personal relationship between the two families through prayer, regular communication, and regular visits to each other's homeland.

In 2007, Darby Kruger, Pastor Mike Sandberg and Gary Scherer made their first joint trip to Kenya to determine the feasibility of purchasing a hospital and to conduct the first annual API Pastor's Conference in western Kenya with Pastor Milton Sarara and 10 other pastors. While the hospital was ultimately sold to another organization, the Kenyan pastors and the people they served captured our hearts and the desire to create an entity to serve the Kenyan people was realized.

In 2008, Agape Project International USA or API USA was created as a religious non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation to support our Mission to the Kenyan people.