Regional Medical Delivery System

The majority of diseases in Kenya don’t require hospital care until the end-stage of the disease. A new model needs to be developed where the hospital is not the most important component in the healthcare system. Community clinics and mobile clinics need to be the main centers for clinical care, and more importantly, preventive care. The community clinic requires less land, less money for bricks and mortar, and can be developed in modules that are scalable to meet the exact needs of a particular community. Patients whose care is beyond the capability of the community clinic can be sent to a referral hospital. The mobile clinics can extend the services of the community clinic to areas were no care is currently provided.

Referral Hospital

There are enough existing hospitals in Kenya to provide inpatient care if there were a network of property designed and staffed community and mobile clinics. The problem with most existing hospitals is they are poorly equipped with poorly trained medical personnel and inadequate support systems to meet the needs of patients.

API can facilitate the acquisition and transport of medical equipment to refurbish operating theaters and inpatient rooms. We can provide ongoing training for medical personnel. We can help improve hospital infrastructure through systems development and improved operating procedures.

Agape Community Clinics (ACC)

The Agape Community Clinics will be located in communities near the referral hospital. The number of clinics will be determined by the population of the various communities and their access to the hospital. A community clinic would typically be staffed by one or more clinical officers, a team of nurses and support staff including a pharmacist and laboratory technician. The plan is to begin with a modular design that utilizes either a small or large medical clinic with the ability to add a birthing center and/or a small emergency room or inpatient treatment facility.

Agape Mobile Clinics (AMC)

The Agape Mobile Clinics will provide first aid and primary care treatment. Patients who have medical needs beyond the scope of services provided will be referred to an Agape Community Clinic or a referral hospital. We have developed a preliminary design for a mobile medical unit using an off-road trailer that can be transported to remote sites to facilitate a wider range of medical care. These trailers are self-contained and will allow medical personnel to stay in remote areas for a week at a time before returning to a home base for staff rotation and renewal of supplies and medications. Volunteer U.S. medical staff will join the Kenyan medical staff on a regular basis to provide a wider range of medical care and to increase the number of patients that can be treated.

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