brad pederson-240 In November of 2011, Brad Pederson, a great friend and ministry partner of API USA,  went home to be with His Lord.   For as long as API USA has been in existence, Brad had been an enthusiastic supporter and champion of the pastors and churches of Kenya and wanted more than anything to one day travel to Kenya and visit those churches and meet the pastors and congregations he had so faithfully prayed for and supported.  Although he never made it there, Brad's wife, Joyce, has established a building fund in Brad's name to help those congregations who otherwise would be unable to build their own churches.

The Brad Pederson Memorial Building Fund provides matching funds to help congregations to erect their own church buildings. Click here to help build a church in Kenya.

Completed Church Building Projects           Future Church Building Projects

    matete1The church in Matete was forced to move out of their rented building in 2011 by their landlord.  With the help of Summit Christian Fellowship, they were able to purchase a piece of land, but they had no resources with which to build.  For a couple of months they worshiped under a tarp held up with poles.  But with the creation of the Brad Pederson Memorial Building Fund they were able to finally put up a real building with walls and a roof.  We celebrated with them in February 2012 as they worshiped in their new church. Your gift to this fund will make it possible for many other churches to build much needed facilities.


    Update on Matete:
    In 2017, in response to the growth of this little congregation, the church began expansion plans that were brought to completion just before Easter in 2018.  Their new building is about twice the size of the original and is now a permanent rather than temporary structure.

    In the town of Amagoro, near the eastern border of Uganda, Pastor Leonard Ekea's church was evicted from their rented facility and had to find another place to gather for worship.  The congregation was able to purchase a small piece of land, but they had no funds for building.  For over a year they worshiped under these trees.


    In 2013, with help from the Brad Pederson Memorial Building Fund, the church in Amagoro was able to finish construction on a new building.

    DSC 0000003

    In the south of Kenya, near a town called Kilgoris, a church pastored by Joseph Lemeta, in Olocentu, had been meeting under a tree for over 2 years.
    DSC 0206
    With the help of the Brad Pederson Memorial Building Fund the church was able to finish a new building on their own land in 2013.

    DSC 0159

    Pastor Joseph Lemeta and Michael Sandberg at the new building
    DSC 0186

    Not too far from Olocentu, near a village called Ololui, was another church that had also been meeting under a tree for about three years under the leadership of Pastor Reuban Twala.
    DSC 0013
    In 2012 they had purchased a piece of land adjacent to this property and began building their own structure.

    DSC 0039
    In the spring of 2013 with help from the Brad Pederson Memorial Building Fund they were able to roof and enclose this structure.


    On Mt Elgon in western Kenya, there is a little village called Kopsiro.  Kopsiro was at the center of very violent clashes between the government and rebel forces in 2006 and 2007.  Caught in the middle was a small church on a ridgetop not far from the village pastored by James Omandi.  During the skirmishes, the church was burned to the ground and since that time the congregation has met in a very makeshift structure.

    In 2012 with help from the Brad Pederson Memorial Building Fund, the congregation was able to build a brand new building on the site.


    Nataaba is a small community in the northwest corner of Kenya in the Turkana region.  In 2014 we visited the church there and they showed us the land which they had purchased to construct a building in which to worship.  Using the funds provided by the Brad Pederson Memorial Building Fund, we purchased building supplies so they could begin construction.  In February of 2015 they had finished the 1st phase of construction and we were able to enjoy it with them when we came in August of 2015.
    We brought money from the fund to help them with the next phase of construction, and in three days while we were there they finished the project.


    20150820 161831

    20150820 171312
    And the finished product!


    Khayo is a small church in rural western Kenya named for the Khayo people of that area.  The congregation had been meeting in a dilapidated building that was missing most of a roof and had unfinished walls. 


    The pastor, Fred Anyule, asked if we could help so that he didn't have to preach standing in water anymore, and so with the help of the Brad Pederson Fund we were able to provide a rainfree environment for the church.



    The town of Magena is about 10 km west of Kilgoris in the Trans Mara region of Kenya.  Two years ago a church was planted by Pastor Silas Makhenna here and they met in a school room on the edge of town.  In January of 2016, we met with the leaders of the church on a site that was donated by one of the members and money from the Brad Pederson fund was given to the church to build a structure. In one week they cleared the site and built the church.

    IMG 4272
    magena 4


    Olochani is a small community outside of Kilgoris in the Trans-mara region of Kenya. The church was given land on which to build and they completed the structure in 2015 with the help of the Brad Pederson Memorial Building Fund.

    In 2016, API joined with them in finishing a concrete floor for the building. 


    This small congregation was very grateful to all those who helped make their dream a reality. 


    Majengo town is in the southwest of Kenya just outside of the larger town of Kakamega. Pastor Reuben Lavanga planted this church about three years ago and last year purchased some property.  With the help of the Brad Pederson fund, they were able to construct their first building in 2015.
    IMG 4083

    IMG 4095

    IMG 4658
    Nakepokan is a small, remote community in the Turkana region of northwest Kenya that has been meeting under this tree for twelve years. Their dream has been to have their own building, and in August of 2016, API brought materials and workers out to the site they had prepared to do just that.
    IMG 4979

    IMG 4980

    IMG 4876

    IMG 4889
    Although we had to leave before the building was finished, Pastor Thomas (pictured here with Michael Sandberg) called to let me know the work was completed the day after we left. Pastor Thomas and his congregation were not only excited to have their own building in which to worship, but they have plans to use it as a primary school during the week.  This was very important to them as most of their children have not able to go to school because the only one in the area is too far away. They expressed their heartfelt thanks to API and to all those who have contributed to the Brad Pederson Memorial Building Fund to make this happen.

    In April of 2017, we travelled to the viliage of Logurum in Turkana, bringing building supplies to put up a church building for a congregation in the villiage.  This church had been moving from rented space to rented space since it was planted over a year ago.  This year, one of the members donated land for a structure to be put up.  From start to finish the building went up in seven days and now the church has its own building on its own property just outside of the villiage.
    IMG 20170417 WA0022
    IMG 20170417 WA0023

    IMG 20170417 WA0024
    IMG 20170418 WA0000

    Thanks to you all who contribute to the Brad Pederson Memorial Building Fund for these projects. 

    In August of 2017, we visited a church in a place called Nareng'lup that had been meeting for 12 years under this tree.

    With the help of the Brad Pederson Memorial Building Fund, we were able to help them put up this building for their church.


    In the spring of 2018, we traveled about 3 hours south of Lodwar to a place called Huruma, just outside the village of Lokori in Turkana.  The church in Huruma had been meeting under this tree for several years and asked us to partner with them to build a structure.
    IMG 7944

    The church had purchased property a few hundred yards away and with the help of the Brad Pederson Memorial Building Fund, they were able to build this building that now also houses a primary school.

    In the spring of 2018, API USA partnered with the church in Kenyenya in the Trans Mara region, to build a church.

    Pastor Sailas Makallah (far right) has planted several churches and Kenyena is the latest one.



    In 2017 we visited the church in Namagirat, bringing food, audio bibles and the gospel.  The church had been meeting for a few years since its inception under a tree.
    This past August the church in Namagirat was able to build their first church structure and we celebrated with them as they dedicated the new building.



    Naibala is a small village in the Trans Mara region of Kenya and part of the Christ Gospel Church network there. We partnered with the congregation to help them build their first structure in 2018.
    IMG 0484

    IMG 0488

    Lokaparaparai is a small village about 5 kilometers north of Lodwar in Turkana, Kenya. The church was planted by Pastor Martin Sasy of Christ Co-workers Church several years ago. Up until 2018 the church had been meeting under this tree.

    Lokapararai Tree

    In 2019 the Brad Pederson Memorial Building Fund helped this church put up its first structure.


    Pastor George Lokwawi, Pastor Martin Sasy, myself and Pastor Dan Mason inspecting the work.

    Ateger Baptist Church

    Ateger Baptist Church was planted three years ago by one of our friends, Pastor Stephen Lobolia and his wife Patricia in UN Refugee camp 4.  Their passion has been to bring the gospel to the Toposa and Jie people of Southern Sudan, but the fighting that broke out in 2016 put an end to their presence in that country.  In 2017, Stephen and Patricia moved their family to Kakuma where the UN refugee camps are located because of all the Toposa and Jie people that were fleeing the fighting there and planted Ateger Baptist Church.  In 2018 they were given ownership of land in the camp and in 2019 the Brad Pederson Memorial Building Fund helped them put up a church.

    Ateger Building
    Ateger Church

    Grace Church
    Pastor Shadrack Mogesi has pastored an urban church in the city of Eldoret for many years, but they have always had to rent space in the city which was very expensive.  This past year the church bought some land just outside the city and the Brad Pederson Memorial Building Fund helped them put up a building.

    Grace Church1



    Kjirijir African Gospel Church is a Masaai church located near the border of Kenya and Tanzania and the Brad Pederson Memorial Building Fund has been instrumental in helping this church put up a permanant house of worship. 

    The work began in the spring of 2018 and is nearing completion.


    St Matthews ACK
    St Matthews Anglican Church of Kenya has met many years together under a tree near the town of Lokori in Turkana, Kenya.  In August of 2020, the Brad Pederson Building Fund partnered with the church to put up their first building.


    Nalepo African Gospel Church
    This Maasai church was planted by Pastor Stephen Muntet last year and this year received help from the Brad Pederson Memorial Building Fund to build a permanant house of worship near the village of Oloolaimutia.  We have not finished construction but this is the place where the church is being built and the church is currently meeting there under a tarp.

    WhatsApp Image 2020 10 18 at 12.28.57 PM

    WhatsApp Image 2020 10 18 at 12.23.21 PM

  • Nakingol
    In the desert that is Turkana, in 2014 we met a thriving church meeting under a tree in a place called Nakingol.  It was planted two years prior by a good friend of ours, Pastor George Lokwawi.  We hope to raise $3500 to help this congregation build a church by August of 2018 on land that has been donated to them.



    Another church that we hope to build is in the community of Namagrat.  We met this thriving church in 2017 worshipping under a tree.  We need to raise $3000 to help them build a church this year. 


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