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Spring 2019 Megwara Pastors Conference


It is Friday night here in the Mara and the team is relaxing in the dining hall at Manyatta just enjoying being together and winding down after a busy day.  Above you see the poster that was plastered all over this region and down into Tanzania.  It must have been effective because we have almost 380 people attending the conference.  

This afternoon we tried to gather as many of the attendees as possible for a group shot.  It is always difficult to get everyone together as any of them have animals and farms to attend to during the day. I thought I would just post some pictures from our week so far.


Here the ladies are dancing a traditional Maasai dance.  There were too many to dance in the building so the line went outside and back in again.


We want to thank all of you who lifted Ben up in prayer earlier this week as he arrived in Kenya very sick.  But as you can see, he has recovered remarkably!

Ben also wrote an update:

This past week I traveled to the Christian Leadership Council for a week of training in Dallas then on to Kenya for with API to train pastors and speak on the Sanctity of Human Life and Sexual Integrity. On the way I got sick with an incredible chest cold and fever. The first two days I spent in bed and thanks to the crack nurses on the trip (Kim, Lauri, Lynn and Juliann) and Doctors Mike, Rich, Reuben, Frank, John, and Shadrack I will be able to present beginning Friday and finishing Saturday. Pastor Rich didn’t want me to get use to breakfast in bed. Thank you for your prayers and well wishes.

The first two days of the conference, Pastor Rich spoke upon “Jesus throughout the old testament and “Patterned, Promised and Present of Jesus in the Old Testament.

Pastor Michael spoke on the beginning of Moses and day two “The Lord among us”. Each of the sessions were well received.

What a great blessing to have 350 adults in the adult meetings today and 187 children attend the children’s ministry directed by David and Juliann Thompson.

Tonight a great storm hit with lighting, thunder and a ton of rain. The kids loved it!

Blessings to you all!

In His Service,


Pastor Shadrack on the left has been in charge of all the conference logistics and has done a great job.  He is with Pastor Daniel who is the host of this conference.

We have one more full day of ministry left at the conference and the response has been tremendous and encouraging.  So many of those attending have taken the time to tell the team members personally how the teaching has revolutionized their thinking about the Old Testament and Jesus.  The women have been flocking to the ladies breakout sessions with Laurie, Lynn and Kim; and the men have really enjoyed the breakout sessions with Ben and Rich and myself. Many of them were particularly impressed with Pastor Rich's sessions on the Doctrines of Grace and Hermaneutics. Pastor Reuben Luvanga and John Kamau have probably worked the hardest of us all with the media, recording all the plenary and breakout sessions.

Thanks again for all your prayers for us.  Pray that we finish strong.



Spring 2019 Megwara Pastors Conference
Spring 2019 Megwara Pastors Conference


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