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Summer 2021 Mission

Sunday August 22, 2021

We closed out our conference by giving out several great resources to the pastors, and by celebrating the Lord's Table together Friday evening. There were so many testimonies to the valuable truth shared this week.  One pastor commented that if it were not for these conferences, he would have no opportunity to learn the truth of God's word in such depth. We want to thank all of you who made this conference possible, and these pastors want to pass on their thanks to you.

Saturday morning we traveled out to Kapokor, to the newly constructed church there for a dedication service, complete with ribbon cutting, and food distribution. Below is Pastor James Loren who oversees this church.

The ribbon was actually a thick band of rubber that didn't cut very easily, but we got the job done

Our driver, Paul Herbert, handing candy to the kids
One of the leading ladies of the church expressing the church's gratitude for this new building.
Pastors Boniface Lokuruka and George Lokwawi oversee the building of the churches for us in Turkana. I thank the Lord for these men who partner with us in the gospel.

IMG 3803

IMG 3831
Summit Christian provided a number of soccer balls to hand out at these villages. This is the youth leader of Kapokor who was immensely pleased to receive a soccer ball for his youth.
Headed back home with the food
Many of these people walk several kilometers to attend Kapokor church
Thanks to all of you who make our famine relief initiative so successful.  Next week we will be at several more villages to distribute food.  But first we have a two day conference in Kakuma with the Kakuma pastors and pastors from the refugee camp there.  Please be praying for this.
Summer 2021 Mission
Summer 2021 Mission

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