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Summer 2021 Mission

Monday, August 17, 2021
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Rob and I arrived in Nairobi last Thursday, tired but excited to be back in country.  We waltzed through immigration, only to be stuck in baggage for an hour waiting for our luggage. So we took pictures.
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The next two days were full with meetings, buying things for our trip to Lodwar, and taking more pictures.
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I had the pleasure of presenting one of our API School of Ministry graduates with his Bachelor of Theology degree while in Nairobi.  Amoss Mahlangah from Lamu Island traveled to Nairobi to receive his diploma and share with us the progress of his ministry among the Muslims in Lamu.  Lamu is nearly 100% Muslim and Amoss has been working there for several years, making slow inroads among the population. We thank God for tireless evangelists like Amoss whose passion is to see his neighbors come to Christ.
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Sunday morning Rob, John and I took the early flight to Lodwar. John and Rob slept soundly most of the two hour flight.

We arrived in Lodwar around 9 am to some welcome warmth after a chilly stay in Nairobi.

Sunday, and most of Monday was spent getting everything ready for the conference that began Monday at 4 pm with registration, dinner and then the first session, where we were treated to 140 pastors singing together.

I'll be posting more tomorrow.
Summer 2021 Mission
Mission to Bondo and Matete

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