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Sunday May 16, 2021

Our last two days with the saints at Agape Care Net.

Laurel was able to do one of her favorite things, ultrasounds, both Tuesday and Wednesday she worked with Allan, the sonographer from the hospital.  He is a wonderful follower of Christ and excellent at what all he does. She also worked with Priscila Ja, a clinical director. She is a sweet, gentle, godly young lady.

Kim stayed down the trail from the clinic at Maurine’s home. She went over a lot of client care and procedures regarding pregnancy test, healthy relationships, some cool tools for sharing the gospel, ministering to the women who comes in thinking abortion is her only alternative, i.e., options education, ministering to men, parenting, healing after abortion and more.  They had great questions, we talked about how to modify and use the tools I brought to use in their own clinic.  This sounds like a lot but mostly the Holy Spirit led each moment of every session every day. God truly equipped us to do this. Laurel and I were astounded at the ease of fellowship, sharing and learning both ways.  God had this covered from ancient days, Eph 2:10.

I loved Washington’s heart to help men.  He has two young boys and wants to raise them to love and serve God.

Laurel, Washington, Michael, Faith

Sweet, shy, young Faith was there every day with her baby daughter.  She has much to offer the young women that come to Agape Care Net.

Rachel, quiet and taking everything in, because of her close relative’s experience, wants to help post abortive women learn to forgive and be set free in Jesus’ name.

Rachel and Maurine

Valarie got to be there the first day and she is the lab tech.  She is kind, smart and thoughtful. She also has a little baby girl and is still going to school studying microbiology.  She wants to use what she knows to help, too.

Dorine and Valerie

Dear Michael, a young man that does the photography, video and works in the techy shop next to Agape Care Net.  He also wants to minister to young men. He is joyful and contagious in his faith.

Maurine Luvanga directs Agape Care Net, speaks at the schools about sexual integrity and healthy relationships and meets with the pregnant ladies who come into the clinics.

Reuben Luvanga also directs the clinic with his wife. If you have read the Agape Kenya blog, you will know him well.  He has many roles and does them all with quiet fortitude and confident strength that only comes from the One he relies on, Jesus Christ.

The last hour of my and Laurel’s time with these precious saints was a ‘sweet’ celebration with chocolate, of course, and spicey ginger cookies (Frank’s choice ☺). We asked if they would share their stories of how they came to trust Christ as their Savior.  Wow, some were so incredibly hard and here they are loving and serving others because God loved and saved them.

Left to right: Laurel, Priscila, Kim, Washington, Faith, Maurine

Lastly, Maurine and Washington shared how much it meant to all of them that we came from so far to really and truly help and bless them.  OK, so we shed a few tears. We just can’t stop thanking God for such a time as this.  Laurel and I are in awe of our great and mighty, kind and loving, gracious and forgiving God.

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