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Spring Mission 2023

Friday April 28, 2023
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Tuesday morning we set off for Oloolaimutia but took a minute to take a photo at the equator.
IMG 0295
We had to cut across the park from the Sekananie gate to Oloolaimutia and got to see a little wildlife in the process.
IMG 0297

We arrived at Mara Shiners School, our conference site Tuesday afternoon to a warm Maasai welcome and dramatic skies.
20230425 142338

Wednesday morning we started our Foundations of the Faith conference and by Thursday morning we had about 180 attending. 
During the first session of each day, Linda Galle takes all the children for a Bible lesson and then outside for play.
During our breakout sessions on Thursday, Kim shared on the Sanctity of Human Life with the women.

Ben shared on the Sanctity of Human Life and Sexual Integrity with the men.
During the plenary sessions Wednesday and Thursday we were going through the doctrines of grace. Pastor Stephen Muntet, interpreting here, is our host, along with his wife, Beatrice.
At the end of the day, we have a Q & A session with all the teachers of the day clarifying (or trying to clarify) points made during each presentation.  This is often the most intstructive time for both students and teachers.

We will be posting more tomorrow if the internet will cooperate.
Spring Mission 2023
Spring Mission 2023

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