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Travels in Kenya - Majengo, Matete, Eldoret

Pastor Joshua Lemuya in traditional wedding finery at his friend's wedding.

Sunday morning Frank and I left Bondo and traveled to Majengo to preach at Pastor Luvanga's church.  Afterwards we ate lunch at his place and spent some time talking about the ministry he and Maurine have in the community. And taking pictures of their cute kids!

We also delivered the ultrasound machine we brought from the U.S. Needless to say, both Reuben and Maurine were overjoyed to receive such a gift for Agape Care Net Clinic. This ultrasound was donated to Agape Care Net by the 4US foundation here in the U.S. and we are grateful to them for their generosity.

They are relocating the clinic to a much larger space to accommodate the growing ministry.  You can see the new space below where both the pharmacy (on the right) and the counseling centers (on the left) will be. 

Reuben is investing in a pharmacy to provide the means to offer free counseling and ultrasound services in the center. This young ministry has already been a big blessing to the community and the county of Vehiga. The unplanned pregnancy rate and incidents of incest have really skyrocketed during this time of pandemic and shutdown, and Agape Care Net has been getting many requests for their services. One of the services Agape Care Net offers is free sanitary pads. This may not sound like much to us, but for young Kenyan girls, these pads are a commodity that are difficult to obtain. To even earn money to buy pads, some girls have resorted to selling their bodies. API donated the first round of sanitary pads to the clinic, but this is an ongoing need for the community.

Please join us in supporting Agape Care Net and the sanctity of human life by giving to this project. To give securely online for this, please visit the Summit Christian Fellowship website here and choose 'API Kenya: General'. Your gift means lives transformed.

From Majengo, we traveled to Matete where Pastor Moses and his wife live. We ate dinner at their home and spent the evening catching up and planning future events.

Finally the next morning we traveled to Eldoret where we caught up with Pastor Shadrack at his church.

Pastor Shadrack is our API Director of Education in Kenya, and our API Conference Director.  We spent some time planning future events and discussing ways to put a concrete floor in his church.  The government here has come out with a new directive that bans services in churches with dirt floors.  I'm not sure how that works in places like Turkana!

Tuesday, Frank and I drove back to Nairobi to wrap things up for this trip and fly out on Thursday.  However, when I got to the check-in counter early Thursday morning, I was informed that my flight had been cancelled! So I got to spend another night in Nairobi and fly back on Friday.  Thank you all for keeping this ministry in your prayers. God has been exceedingly gracious and blessed us abundantly throughout this long trip.

Spring Mission 2021
Travels in Kenya - Olulamutia, Bondo

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