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Wednesday May 19, 2021

I arrived in Lodwar yesterday in the morning and am heading to Lokitaung this morning to meet with the pastors in that city.  But I thought I'd catch you up on the doings of the Tanzanian Team.

Last Saturday after the conference in Megwara, Jay, Reuben and Pastor Stephen Muntet left for Olosakwan village in Tanzania for a two day biblical counseling conference.  Unfortunately, the closest border crossing did not have a visa office so the team had to travel 5 hours in the opposite direction to obtain a visa for Jay. They overnighted there, intending to cross into Tanzania but the fees for vehicle registration, travel permits and other charges amounted to about $300 so they decided to drive back to where they started and cross at the place they originally planned to cross where there were no fees to pay. They eventually arrived late Sunday in Olosakwan in time to begin the conference on Monday morning.  They look remarkable refreshed here Monday morning at breakfast!

This is Olosakwan where several years earlier Pastor Stephen was the first to bring the gospel. A church was established here then, and since that time several more churches have been raised up in the surrounding area. It is the pastors and church leaders from those churches that have come here for the conference.

Jay had the opportunity to try the traditional Masaai drink of sour milk out of the traditional gourd.  He was not impressed! The first day was well-attended by about 80 or so pastors and church leaders.

Jay and Reuben will be updating us on their trip later today and I'll let you know about the conclusion of the conference. Meanwhile, today the team is traveling to Bondo to hold a one day conference there.  Please keep us in your prayers as we travel!

Tanzania Mission Day 2
Megwara Conference

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