Travel to Lodwar

We left for the airport in Nairobi for a flight to Lodwar. There were some delays in getting some necessary supplies for the trip which put us on the road behind schedule.  Nairobli traffic was its usual hectic mess.  At one point on the way to the airport we finally got up some speed just to find out a car was crossing multiple lanes between other cars and we were destined for a high-speed impact.  All of us felt the hand of God guide the car amoungst the schreeching tires and certain impact.  We came through with un-belief that the crash did not occur and then thanked God for his obvious protection.


 The flight to Eldoret and on to Lodwar was uneventful although we were all a bit fatigued from the trip; some of us more than others.


We arrived safely to the Lodwar International Airport:


A previous flight was not so lucky:


We gathered our bags in front of the terminal.



After packing up we made it about a half mile before we had a flat tire in town. It was a great chance to meet some of the locals.


It is now Sunday morning and we are well rested and heading out to worship in some of the local churches.


Please continue to pray for the team.  Your prayers are felt and are critical to our time here.


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Pastors Conference Lodwar and Eldoret 2014

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